Online Class Registration


– Laptop, PC or CP with MIC & CAM
– Stable Internet Connection
– Any Browser you prefer
– Google Account (Email)
– PDF Reader / Powerpoint Presentation App

REGISTRATION: Please fill up correct details based on instructions given and always double check before submitting this form. Not doing so may invalidate your submission.

ONLINE PLATFORM: Google Classroom

NOTE: There are 2 sections for this registration form. The first part will be the Student’s information and the second/final part will be the Parents/Guardian information.

1. Visit
2. Register online
3. Wait for email confirmation
4. Deposit payment to:
Account Name: Manila Kokusai Academy Inc.
Bank: Philippine National Bank
Account No.: 140870000972
Account: Current account, Philippine Peso
5. Email deposit slip or proof of online deposit/transfer transaction.
6. Wait for payment and start of class confirmation.
7. Start of class